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Mold Damage Restoration
Professional Mold Remediation Services: Creating a Safe and Healthy Environment

Welcome to ARS, your trusted mold remediation specialists. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your home or business. Mold growth can lead to serious health risks and structural damage, which is why our highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing efficient and thorough mold remediation services. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive mold remediation solutions and how we can help you create a mold-free space.

Our process:

Mold Inspection and Assessment.  Our certified mold remediation experts conduct thorough inspections to identify the presence, type, and extent of mold growth. Using advanced techniques, such as moisture detection and air quality testing, we determine the source of the mold and assess its impact on your property.


Containment and Removal. Once the mold has been identified, our skilled technicians implement containment procedures to prevent further spreading of spores. We use HEPA filtration and negative air pressure systems to isolate and remove affected materials safely. Our team follows industry best practices to ensure a thorough and meticulous removal process.


Air Quality Improvement. Mold infestations often lead to poor indoor air quality. We deploy air scrubbers and filtration systems to improve the overall air quality, removing mold spores and other contaminants from the environment. Our goal is to create a healthy indoor living or working space for you and your loved ones or employees.


Cleaning and Sanitization. After the mold has been successfully removed, our dedicated team cleans and sanitizes the affected areas using specialized cleaning agents. We ensure the elimination of any remaining mold spores, reducing the risk of regrowth.


Prevention and Moisture Control. Mold growth is often a result of excessive moisture or water damage. We help you identify and address the underlying causes to prevent future mold issues. Our experts offer moisture control solutions and recommendations on proper ventilation, insulation, and effective drainage systems.


Post-Remediation Testing and Clearance. To provide you with peace of mind, we conduct post-remediation testing to verify the effectiveness of our mold remediation efforts. This testing ensures that the mold has been successfully eliminated, and your property is safe for occupancy. We provide detailed clearance reports for your records and to assist with any insurance claims.

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